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The Mystery School fosters the quest for Freedom ~ Freedom of expression, Freedom of choice, Freedom of Inner Peace, Freedom to question, Freedom to powerfully take a stand in life; Spiritual Freedom. 

Your path to Spiritual Freedom is through your Self-Mastery. 

Self-Mastery is a journey of Self-Knowledge. The Mystery School’s teachings are designed to give you experiences and tools to improve the areas of your life that are important to you. Effective tools and Powerful Transformation are key ingredients of self-knowledge. Knowing yourself better ~ your life improves.

Self-Mastery Shamanism combines the Spiritual Freedom of Self-Mastery, with the ancient wisdom and healing practices of Shamanism. Shamanic Healing clears and restores Wholeness and Self-Mastery mentoring anchors the change and expands your life.

The Self-Mastery Shamanic Immersion heightens your Evolution, shows you a path to build a practice as a Healer, and introduces you to some of your most powerful partners to and for Evolution.  

Something Wonderful is About to Happen. 

Part 1 – $200 – 1 day – Power Animals and Medicine Tools ~ Build your Personal Medicine

Part 2 – $360 – 1 day – Master Healer and Extraction Healing ~ Share Your Medicine with Others  (*Prereq day 1)

Part 3 – $1240 – 3 days – Master Teacher, Soul Retrieval and Divination ~ Return to Wholeness and walk Powerfully on this Earth (*Prereq day 1 and 2)

  • Early Bird Price Total Shamanic Immersion ~ Parts 1-3 – $1400 (Early Bird Price ends 1 month before Part 1)
  • Total Shamanic Immersion ~ Parts 1-3 – $1600 (save $200 when purchased together)
  • Group Discount (4 for the price of 3) ~ Parts 1-3 – $4,800 (save $1,600)

Graduates are invited to attend the total Immersion for $500

*Upon completion of all parts you will be awarded a Certified Shamanic Practitioner Certificate.

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Power Animals and Medicine Tools ~ Build your Personal Medicine.

Part 1 - 1 day ~ $200

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Power animals are the first Shamanic allies we work with in the Immersion. When you create a relationship with a Power Animal, your Power merges with theirs. You now have a new best friend, and your personal medicine is strengthened. 

In part 1, we each receive a new Power Animal and learn to retrieve Power Animals for others. Bring your drum of choice. We will do ceremony to transform it into your Medicine Drum; A drum that shares your medicine and assists your healing. 

Build your Personal Power by creating the strong foundation needed to go deeper and further in your Self-Mastery. Develop Intention, the roots of Self-Mastery Shamanism.

* Please have a Drum to create into a Medicine Drum 

We recommend a Remo 16” Buffalo Drum (black or white). You can find these on or at most local music stores.

Medicine Rattles will also be covered in Part 1. For this class, any kind of shaker/rattle will do and many people enjoy finding a Medicine Rattle that resonates with them.

Part 1 ~ 1 day ~ $200

*Please email with any question for drums or rattles.

Master Healer and Extraction Healing ~ Share Your Medicine with Others

Part 2 - 1 day ~ $360 (Prereq day 1)

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Ancient Healers are waiting in non-ordinary reality to add their Power to yours. In Part 2 we strengthen our Healing Medicine by merging with our Master Healers to work in powerful partnership. In Extraction Healing we remove unwanted energies from the auric field, creating natural healing and more lightness and clarity. Stress dissolves ~ It becomes easier to breathe. In exploring communication as a healing tool, learn to communicate as a healer in an empowering, impactful, and healing way.

Part 2 ~ 1 day ~ $360

(Prereq day 1)​

Master Teacher, Soul Retrieval and Divination ~ Return to wholeness and walk Powerfully on this Earth

Part 3 - 3 day ~ $1240 (Prereq day 1 & day 2)

Shamanic Immersion Master Teacher Class Banner Picture

It is common today to seek answers outside of ourselves. This part of the Immersion focuses on finding answers within; Building your relationship with your Inner Self, with the assistance of your Allies. Master Teachers can work with you in every important area of your life ~ relationship questions, career choices, spiritual teachings. Throughout the course many extraction healings and soul retrievals are exchanged. Transformation is accelerated. Part Three is about returning to Wholeness, the Powerful and Free you. You experience interconnectedness and healing ~ A new sense of freedom is available.

Part 3 ~ 3 days ~ $1240

(Prereq day 1 & day 2)​

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