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Medicine Woman and Founder

Ahalya Running Deer Baguio

Ahalya teaches that anyone can be a healer. A compassionate heart, discernment, a wish to serve, and proper training are all that are required. Self-Mastery is for everyone who is willing to do the work. Life is a beautiful journey of Awakening to one’s Innate Greatness and full Self-Expression for a life of Joy and Purpose.

Ahalya Running Deer Baguio is the Spiritual Head of The Mystery School of Self-Mastery and Shamanism. As a Spiritual Teacher, Medicine Woman, and Self-Mastery Mentor Ahalya has over four decades of focused study in Higher Consciousness. 

Seeking those with a passion to be of service to humanity, Ahalya guides people on their path to Self-Mastery as they move into becoming Great Healers and Teachers in their own lives. 

~ May We All Walk in Beauty. ~


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“Being the best version of ourselves is the greatest contribution we can make to ourselves, our family and friends, our world, and Great Spirit.”

Self-Mastery Shamanic Healers

The Healers are skilled in holding the space and directing energies for you to release and receive healing and guidance.

When you combine the Grace of Shamanic Healing and the effectiveness of Self-Mastery Mentoring you see the change you are looking for.

The Healers are certified and endorsed by the Mystery School. Each offers healing sessions and mentoring to the public, and determines their own services and prices. We invite you to explore different Healers at the Shamanic Healing Clinic.

Shamanic Practitioner Profile


Nalini is a lover of life. 

An experienced Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive, Nalini is fascinated by Shamanism and Self-Mastery, consistently increasing her skill through committed study and service to humanity. She is a Senior Student and Executive Assistant to Ahalya Running Deer.

Passionate about communication, Nalini excels at healing with deep compassion and transformative language. She includes Flower Essences and Tarot Divination in unique and powerful Shamanic sessions.

Nalini serves as a business consultant for spiritual entrepreneurs, assisting in defining and structuring their business to be impactful and profitable. 

Introductory Session (30 Minutes): $33 (Includes 15 min extraction healing and 5 min Medicine Drumming)
Power Animal Retrieval (~30 Minutes): $75 (Nalini finds and connects you with a Power Animal Ally)
Full Session (1.5 Hours): $200
(Includes extraction healing, soul retrieval, and recorded 15 min medicine drumming)
Three Full Sessions: $500 ($100 Savings)

Phone: 520.261.4065


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Satyavati fell in love with shamanism the day she received her Polar Bear as a Power Animal. Now she has a close relationship with all her Shamanic Allies and the stories and metaphors Satyavati brings to you from their healing work together will inspire, amuse, and enliven you. 

Satyavati has years of work in Human Potential with Landmark Worldwide in NYC. She is skilled in listening with compassion and an open mind, helping you create your ideal self.

Healing Session Fee: $100

Phone: 203.770.2043 

Email: lucy.french@yahoo.com

Mataji Katie Practitioner Profile picture

Mataji Katie

Mataji Katie is the Spiritual Head of the Transformation Center CT, which offers group workshops and trainings for those seeking to heal, grow and evolve. She has a passion for empowering people to recognize their awesomeness and to use their innate abilities to reach their highest potential, and believes that we are all whole, complete and resourceful. Mataji Katie offers individual healing and coaching sessions and teaches classes in higher consciousness.

Healing Session Fee: $175

3 sessions: $400 ($125 savings)

Phone: 203.820.3800

Email: TransformationCenterCT@gmail.com

Sarah's Healer Profile Picture


Sarah is an advocate for self-love, finding the sparkle in every experience, unconditional love, and ending the stigma about mental health.

Already captivated with the flow of the Universe and how all things intertwine, when Sarah was introduced to Self-Mastery Shamanism, she knew it would become an important piece of the life she is creating. Sarah is committed to always growing and learning, because she intends to give more and MORE to the world. She is studying Addiction and Substance Abuse disorder, to support people in breaking and re-writing patterns so they can realize their potential. She has a background in human potential which has given her the foundation to know that we humans are capable of much more than we know.

Her healings and soul retrievals bring her clients back their personal power and encourage them to be courageous. Working with Sarah will bring more sunshine, joy and self-appreciation to your life.

Healing Session Fee: $75

Phone: 602.826.1059

Email: sarahihori@gmail.com

Joliene Shamanic Healer Profile picture


Joliene is a multipotentialite with a passion for using her gifts to help empower people to discover and express themselves authentically so that the world can receive their gifts. 

She is certified in Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing and Usui Reiki and often uses Allies, essential oils, crystals and flower essences in her healing practice. Joliene also offers Human Design Type and Strategy readings as well as online-business consulting and web-design for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Introductory Energy Healing Session: $30 

Power Animal Retrieval Session: $36 

Soul Retrieval Session: $42

Full Healing Session: $120 (Includes Energy Healing, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval and Medicine Drumming) 

Three Full Healing Session Package: $300 ($60 Savings)


Email: her@hellokander.com 

Mataji Shamanic Healer Profile picture


Mataji has been surrounded by shamanic work all her life and grew to love and appreciate the blessings it has given her. She became a Shamanic Practitioner in order to grow her own spirituality, as well as help others grow into their own Power. As a college student, Mataji is focused on learning and growing and she knows that the most important growth comes from within. Being a classically trained singer, self expression is something she loves to cultivate and nourish in others. Her healings are full of bright imagery and emotional release. She is an avid researcher of the symbols and metaphors that are brought back, and she can guide you through their possible meanings with ease and grace. She will work with you to heal and nurture your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, leaving you with a feeling of Wholeness.

Introductory Healing Session: $30 (Extraction Healing, Medicine Drumming)

Power Animal Retrieval Session: $30 ( Power Animal retrieval only)

Full Healing Session: $75 (Includes Energy Healing, Soul Retrieval and Medicine Drumming) 

Three Full Healing Session Package: $175 ($50 Savings)

Student discounts available.

Email: mataji.baguio@gmail.com

Angelica Practitioner Profile picture


Angelica is a singer and songwriter whose work is driven by the desire to heal through emotional connection. Self-expression and living an authentic life are her passions. She is skilled in deeply connecting with her clients energy field, removing built up, unneeded energy. Her soul retrievals are rich with metaphor, bringing more clarity and personal freedom as her clients work with and integrate the soul pieces she brings back. She believes the world needs more leaders and the best way to lead is by example. Through her music and Shamanic work, she contributes comfort and guidance to anyone on their journey to self-mastery as she navigates hers.

Introductory Healing Session: $30 (Extraction Healing, Medicine Drumming)

Power Animal Retrieval Session: $30 ( Power Animal retrieval only)

Full Healing Session: $75 (Includes Energy Healing, Soul Retrieval and Medicine Drumming) 

Three Full Healing Session Package: $175 ($50 Savings)

Student discounts available.

Email: angelicabaguio22@gmail.com

Phone Number: 845-637-0054

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