The Mystery School

The Mystery School of SElf-Mastery and Shamanism

When you have people that acknowledge the mystery of the universe, who believe there is some kind of ineffable higher power, who relate to the natural world as kindred spirits, who feel a part of an unknown force greater than themselves, who recognize the brotherhood of all beings, respect and collaborate with Elders and Allies, understand that what is not readily seen affects what is, and who use all that information to be useful and serve ~ That is Shamanism.

Self-Mastery Shamanism is a journey of personal transformation. It is a commitment to ourselves. A commitment to know ourselves better, and we use shamanic practices to discover what works (and what doesn’t work) in our lives.

Our relationship with Great Spirit and the unseen world deepens. We build relationship with our shamanic allies through journeying and healing, as they guide us with symbols and metaphors. We learn to overcome our troubles and gain information and direction to move forward. We feel a shift in our Personal Power. 

The Mystery School was founded to mentor seekers called to expand their lives through self-mastery. The Teachings, healings, and retreats are here for you to Stand in your Power and Wholeness. Your Medicine grows ~ healing you, your family, your community, the world.

Medicine Woman and Founder

Ahalya Running Deer Baguio

Ahalya teaches that anyone can be a healer. A compassionate heart, discernment, a wish to serve, and proper training are all that are required. Self-Mastery is for everyone who is willing to do the work. Life is a beautiful journey of Awakening to one’s Innate Greatness and full Self-Expression for a life of Joy and Purpose.

Ahalya Running Deer Baguio is the Spiritual Head of The Mystery School of Self-Mastery and Shamanism. As a Spiritual Teacher, Medicine Woman, and Self-Mastery Mentor Ahalya has over four decades of focused study in Higher Consciousness. 

Seeking those with a passion to be of service to humanity, Ahalya guides people on their path to Self-Mastery as they move into becoming Great Healers and Teachers in their own lives. 

~ May We All Walk in Beauty. ~


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“Being the best version of ourselves is the greatest contribution we can make to ourselves, our family and friends, our world, and Great Spirit.”