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A Journey of Self-Mastery and Shamanism

You are someone who wants to walk powerfully in your life.

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You have a sense that in accessing your power, everything in your life would go better.

You wonder how to accomplish that. 

You’re tired of the inner whispers of complaints and unfulfillment ~ all the explanations and the not knowing how to accomplish your dreams.

You know there is more waiting for you…

The Mystery School of

Self-Mastery and Shamanism

Self-Mastery Shamanic Students walk powerfully on this earth because of their relationship with their Higher Self.

Be happy and free being you ~As you find your own answers and practice your self-mastery. 

Higher consciousness teachings, healings, and retreats. As you evolve and expand ~ your life improves.

Mystery School Offerings

Looking for something empowering, healing, and guided by a deeper connection to nature?

How would you feel after taking time to nourish and nurture you? 

Self-Mastery Shamanism is a method of healing that works on a unique level reverberating change and allowing you to find new perspectives.

These 30-minute one-on-one sessions work with you to create more impactful positive life experiences.

Come and enjoy something new and wonderful, just for you.

How would your life be different after a relaxing and deep healing? ~ Experience a powerful medicine drumming from Ahalya Running Deer.

What if you could answer all your own questions about your life? ~ Learn Shamanic Journeying to go within to find your answers.

New clarity and insights are discovered during Self-Mastery Shamanic journeys ~ moving you forward towards the you, you are becoming… The Best Version of You.

*Practitioner Certification Course*

Join us on a journey to discover your favorite you. When we learn to heal ourselves, we can assist others in healing themselves.

  • Meet your very own support team. Receive and experience working with your unique Power Animal, Master Healer & Master Teacher.
  • Create tools to strengthen your healing practice. Transform a drum into your Medicine Drum and learn how to use medicine tools in your healings.
  • Restore lost power and become more clear. Learn Shamanic Divination, Extraction healing and Soul Retrieval.

This is a 5 day Immersive course over Zoom.

*Upon completion of all parts you will be awarded a Certified Shamanic Practitioner Certificate.

and Founder

Ahalya Running Deer Baguio

Ahalya teaches that anyone can be a healer. A compassionate heart, discernment, a wish to serve, and proper training are all that are required. Self-Mastery is for everyone who is willing to do the work. Life is a beautiful journey of Awakening to one’s Innate Greatness and full Self-Expression for a life of Joy and Purpose.

Ahalya Running Deer Baguio is the Spiritual Head of The Mystery School of Self-Mastery and Shamanism. As a Spiritual Teacher, Medicine Woman, and Self-Mastery Mentor Ahalya has over four decades of focused study in Higher Consciousness. 

Seeking those with a passion to be of service to humanity, Ahalya guides people on their path to Self-Mastery as they move into becoming Great Healers and Teachers in their own lives. 

~ May We All Walk in Beauty. ~



“Being the best version of ourselves is the greatest contribution we can make to ourselves, our family and friends, our world, and Great Spirit.”

Healer's Marketplace

Practitioner Members are certified and endorsed by the Mystery School. Each offers healing sessions and coaching to the public, and set their own services and prices. Explore each practitioner and find who is right for you to start working with today.

Shamanic Practitioner Profile


Nalini is a lover of life. 

An experienced Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive, Nalini is fascinated by Shamanism and Self-Mastery, consistently increasing her skill through committed study and service to humanity. She is a Senior Student and Executive Assistant to Ahalya Running Deer.

Passionate about communication, Nalini excels at healing with deep compassion and transformative language. She includes Flower Essences and Tarot Divination in unique and powerful Shamanic sessions.

Nalini serves as a business consultant for spiritual entrepreneurs, assisting in defining and structuring their business to be impactful and profitable. 

Introductory Session (30 Minutes): $22
Full Session (1.5 Hours): $100
Three Full Sessions: $250 ($50 Savings)

Phone: 520.261.4065


Satyavati Practitioner Profile picture


Satyavati fell in love with shamanism the day she received her Polar Bear as a Power Animal. Now she has a close relationship with all her Shamanic Allies and the stories and metaphors Satyavati brings to you from their healing work together will inspire, amuse, and enliven you. 

Satyavati has years of work in Human Potential with Landmark Worldwide in NYC. She is skilled in listening with compassion and an open mind, helping you create your ideal self.

Healing Session Fee: $100

Phone: 203.770.2043 

Email: lucy.french@yahoo.com

Mataji Katie Practitioner Profile picture

Mataji Katie

Mataji Katie is the Spiritual Head of the Transformation Center CT, which offers group workshops and trainings for those seeking to heal, grow and evolve. She has a passion for empowering people to recognize their awesomeness and to use their innate abilities to reach their highest potential, and believes that we are all whole, complete and resourceful. Mataji Katie offers individual healing and coaching sessions and teaches classes in higher consciousness.

Healing Session Fee: $100

Phone: 203.820.3800

Email: TransformationCenterCT@gmail.com

Sami Practitioner Profile picture

Sami chi

Sami specializes in spiritual, and emotional healing from trauma. Passionate about creating a world where humans and Mother Earth can live in Harmony and Balance, Sami teaches that when we reach equilibrium within ourselves we can start to bring harmony to the world around us. She works with her Self-Mastery clients to find health and vitality in body, mind, emotions, spirit, and relationship. An artist at heart, and by profession, Sami’s shamanic sessions paint a Magickal picture of transformation, full of beautiful imagery and alchemical metaphor. 

Sami combines her 6 years of Self-Mastery Shamanism practice with Usui Reiki (a Buddhist Chakra Healing Art) and a knowledge of human physiology gained from 5 years of teaching Hatha yoga.

“My path is to co-create with the magic and vibrancy I see in the world. So we might remember the sacredness of life on Planet Earth in light & dark times.”

~ Sami Chi (“Key”)

1st Session & Drop in Sessions – $177

Packages are Designed to be used weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, & bi-monthly. *billing options* billed per session or with bundled payment. (Tip: Save the most with bundled billing.)

  • 3 pack – $117 per session, or $327 bundled (savings $204) *3 Pack Sessions must be scheduled and payed for within 6 months of first session.*
  • 6 Pack – $107 per session, or $637 bundled (savings $425) *6 Pack Sessions must be scheduled and payed for within 12 months of first session.*
  • 12 Pack – $97 per session, or $1027 bundle (saving $1097). *12 Pack Sessions must be scheduled and payed for within 12 months of first session.*

Email: spiritkeystudio@gmail.com

Self-Mastery Shamanism Practices For Your Evolution

Power animals and Shamanic Allies

Power Animals and Shamanic Allies

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Medicine Drum resting on tree in front of pond

Medicine Drumming

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Extraction Healing and Soul Retrieval

Restores life essence or vital force to us (Personal Power or Medicine).

When we experience trauma, such as an accident, ill health, emotional pain or suffering, pieces of our soul (as in life force) fragment from a desire to avoid pain. What fragments is the healthy, stronger part of us. A Soul Retrieval returns the fragmented pieces to the individual, contributing to their strength, well-being and greater clarity.

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