Healing Sessions
with Ahalya Running Deer

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Self-Mastery Shamanic Healing with Ahalya Running Deer:

Gain breakthroughs in your Self-Mastery with this unique healing session. Using the natural rhythms and wisdom from non-ordinary reality, awaken to a greater clarity of purpose and a more profound sense of self. Connect to a joyful, abundant life and feel a deeper relationship to your higher power.

“To be more clear and Awake as a human being is the path to a life full of purpose and joy”.

Session Includes:

  • Extraction Healing ~ Clear away stuck energy. Create a flow to help your body heal.
  • Soul Retrieval ~ Returning to wholeness: Brings back personal power that has fractured off in times of trauma or emotional stress. Pieces can return from present or past lives.
  • Shamanic Divination ~ Insight brought back from non-ordinary reality.
  • Medicine Drumming ~ The sound and intention soothes and heals (even long distance).
  • Self-Mastery Mentoring ~ Clarify possibilities, intentions and direction. Bring something you’re stuck on; gain a new perspective.

How it works:

  1. Schedule Initial introduction call (15 mins)
  2. Ahalya does the work in Non-ordinary reality
  3. Have a one-hour Self-Mastery Shamanic call – Ahalya explains the work done on your behalf and gives insights into your personal journey towards Self-Mastery.

Session: $500.00

Required: Birth date, exact time of birth, and city and state of birth. (Outside USA: city and country)

Purchase Session:

Price: $ 500.00

More on Self Mastery Shamanism: 

Wholeness Healing available on all aspects of the human being ~ body, emotions, mind, spirit, soul. 

Body: healing addresses physical weaknesses, difficulties and challenges; stress and discomforts; creates a greater awareness of the importance of one’s body. Clears blocked energies, restoring the innate power of self-healing.

Mind: healing relaxes and heals the stressful, worried thinking process; resulting in a gain in clarity of thinking; more creative solutions arise.

Emotions: Clears away tension and eases emotional stress. Balance begins to restore.

Spirit: that which is part of the Holy Breath of God; creates greater connection to Spirit.

Soul: that which is Ego in its Wholeness; heal and evolve the sick, weak, and unhealthy ego to a greater connection to The Spirit That Runs Through All Things ~ God; become more in tune to one’s Inner Self. 

SOUL RETRIEVAL: Restores life essence or vital force to us (Personal Power or Medicine).

When we experience trauma, such as an accident, ill health, emotional pain or suffering, pieces of our soul (as in life force) fragment from a desire to avoid pain. What fragments is the healthy, stronger part of us. A Soul Retrieval returns the fragmented pieces to the individual, contributing to their strength, well-being and greater clarity.

EXTRACTION HEALING: Clears blocked energies, restoring the innate power of self-healing.

Physical pain, emotional upset and lethargy are indicators that something is out of balance. Extraction Healing moves stuck energy creating a flow so that natural self- healing occurs. The resulting experience is one of releasing what is no longer needed and the ability to breathe, move and think more freely occurs.