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Self-Mastery Shamanic Immersion

Shamanic Practitioner Certification Course - 5 Day

Self-Mastery Shamanic Practitioners learn to walk powerfully on this earth as they embrace the Journey of Self-Mastery. They know that when they focus on empowering themselves, everything in their lives improves.

The Mystery School of Self-Mastery and Shamanism guides you down the path to discovering your favorite you, giving you the healing tools to achieve your Self-Mastery while assisting others to find theirs. 

Upon completion of the class you will be awarded a Certified Shamanic Practitioner Certificate and an opportunity to create a Shamanic Practitioner business with the support of the Mystery School.

 In this Immersion you will:

  • Receive your power animal, Master Healer and Master Teacher ~ Learn to work with Compassionate, Benevolent Helpers/Allies who are waiting to assist you on the path.
  • Receive training or enhance your skill level in Shamanic Soul Retrievals, Shamanic Extraction Healings and Shamanic Divination.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of Medicine Drumming and experience the powerful dynamics of a Medicine Drumming Circle.
  • Study ancient methods of skillfully dancing between ordinary and non-ordinary reality.
  • Listen and communicate with nature and Great Spirit in a new way.
  • Increase your Personal Power to improve all areas of your life.

Date, Time, Location:

Facilitators: Facilitated by Ahalya Running Deer Baguio 

If you do not already have one, you will need to purchase a drum for the class; please contact Nalini for details at

Price – $1,600

Early Bird Price (Ends December 9 ) – $1,400

Email to enroll in a payment plan or to take advantage of our group discounts.

Payment Plan Available – 5 Monthly Payments of $400 ($2000 total)

Bring a Friend – For every friend you enroll get a 10% discount (10% off for one of you or split 5% off for you both)

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Shamanic Journey with Power Animals

Return of Personal Power with Shamanic Skills Training - 1 Day

When you ally with your power animal you are gifted a new perspective and are guided to new ways of being. 

This Shamanic Journeying with power animals course includes:

  • Retrieving and working with power animals
  • In-depth medicine drumming
  • Compelling and Transformative Shamanic Journeying

Ticket Price – $300

Date, Time, Location:

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Drumming and Journeying

A Shamanic Experience - 2hrs

Receive deep healing with a Transformational Medicine Drumming by Medicine Woman, Ahalya Running Deer and Advanced Shamanic Practitioners.

Learn how to use Self-Mastery Shamanic Journeying as a tool to bring yourself guidance and answers from a higher power.

Learn about the language of metaphors, symbols, and messages received during your journeys.

No drum needed – and if you have one, please bring it!

If you would like to buy a drum, email support@ahalyabaguio for recommendations.

Ticket Price – 

$33 before the event or $40 at the door

Cash will be accepted at the event.

Shamanic Drumming and Journeying

Date, Time, Location:

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